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The deep inner feeling and explosive expression of reverence and adoration for the deity of
YHWH the ELOHIM & JESUS CHRIST, Yeshua Ha Mashiach

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(* Copyright: The music used on this site are provided as a public service free of charge. No files may be downloaded. We respect the copyright of each artist and label. Independent artists have provided a signed release for use of their songs. YouTube.com sourced audios are ID'd so that you can see the artist name and label source in addition to the name of the song. Our sources: Bethel Music, Elevation worship, Vineyard UK, Christ for the Nations Music, WorshipMob, Jesus Culture and Gateway Music

Visit their respective websites to purchase the music.

Elevation Music
Bethel Music
Vineyard UK Music
Worship Mob
Gateway Music
Jesus Culture
Joshua - Aaron - Hebrew Worship
Hillsong Store- Hillsong Church Hillsong Music Videos
Hallelujah - Violin Looping cover - ONE TAKE (by Rob Landes and Aubry Pitcher)

We offer IHOP of Kansas, City's Global Prayer Room where there is 24/7 worship and live prayer support. 288 musicians, 4000 musicians. 12 teams serve in 2 hour slots

Let's Worship!

A special thanks to all the independent artists who have shared their music with us freely.

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Just like a dog curled up on the floor, close your eyes and enter the throne room of your Lord YHWH and Master YESHUA through worship. Lay your life at HIS feet and tell Him HE YHWH is all that you need!

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